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Meditation by the Sea

Spiritual Life Coach

I was lucky enough to study with both Lisa Williams and  James Van Praagh and become certified as a Spiritual Life Coach and Advisor

My Coaching is intuitively based. I incorporate different modalities to identify and clear blocks and guide you to a more purpose driven life.

Newcastle Australia

Your Soul Plan

I am so excited to offer this option for guidance and awareness with Soul Plan! It is an amazing and powerful system of soul guidance and energy healing.


It is not only used for life purpose guidance for an individual but can be used to understand relationships between two people (romantic, family, friends etc). 

Zen Stones

Past Life Regression

My work has opened many paths for healing. One that is close to my heart is Past Life Regression.


By examining past lives we can identify reoccurring themes. Often we can carry both positive and negative influences and traits from past lives.


Akashic Records

After studying under wonderful Akashic expert Linda Howe, I am happy to announce I am now a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner.

An Akashic Record session can illuminate your past, present and future.

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