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Angels are around us!

There has never been a time when I did not believe in angels. Growing up, hearing phrases such as “your guardian angel is watching over you” was common place. I could feel their presence. Over the years, I would find myself gravitating to angel books in stores and libraries. They have always held a special fascination for me. It seems I am not alone in this fascination. From all the major religions I have read about and studied, it seems they all contain some reference to angels or celestial beings. The bible alone has approximately 600 references to angels. In Matthew 28, it is said their appearance varies according to circumstances, but is often brilliant and dazzling. Mary Baker Eddy gives my favorite description of angels. She said “They are celestial visitants, flying on spiritual, not material, pinions. Angels are pure thoughts of God, winged with Truth and Love, not matter what their individualism may be”.

In Sylvia Brown’s Book of Angels, she states angels are real beings, created and sent by God to aid humankind and serve as go-betweens for us and the Other Side. She goes on to say unlike human beings, angels will never fail us, never be in a bad mood, and never get disgusted with us. I have found this to be true when tapping into the Other Side. Angels are never judgmental or opinionated in their messages. Angels have their own energetic vibrations which is much different than when I tap into a spirit.

When I first started this journey, I felt uncomfortable talking about angels and telling people when I could identify an angel with them. When I describe your loved one, you can identify them. However, you can not identify an angel – or so I thought. The angels first proved I was connecting with them by their messages. Their messages were always accurate and specific to the person I was reading. As time went on, I would tell people which angel was with them and they would give me confirmation they had been working with the angel I mentioned. For instances of this, watch the video on my Facebook page (Rainey Day interviewing me).

Angels are all around us! They are here to bring peace and comfort. Ask them to draw near and to give you a sign they are around. Angels will always honor our free will so it is important to ask for their help.

Angels communicate through numbers, music, conversations we overhear, messages from friends and our own thoughts and feelings so pay attention. You might be surprised!

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