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Are you clairaudient?

Clairaudience is associated with the throat chakra and means a clear hearing. Some signs you may be clairaudient are you hear someone saying your name and no one is around, you spoke to imaginary friends when you were little, you give great advice to others, you sometimes hear ringing in your ears, and are sensitive to loud noises. Clairaudience allows spirit to communicate with us by dropping words in our mind such as the name of a song, a name of a person or even a date.

Clairaudience can make the person with this gift feel “crazy” as they hear voices in their head, therefore, some people are uncomfortable developing this gift. Rarely is the voice disembodied and heard outside of their head. This did happen to me just a few months ago and even with all my experience and training, it startled me to hear my name called very close to my ear and when I turned, no one with there. The difference between someone who is mentally ill and hearing voices and clairaudience is frequently with mental illness, the voices are frightening and telling people to say or do unhealthy things. Messages from spirit are always kind, loving and helpful.

Though I use all four main claires in my readings, clairaudience is the least utilized. My clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance take the lead when it comes to readings. Readings are fast. I’m receiving information quickly and giving information quickly. Because my own comfort is with clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance, I trust the information coming through those claires more so those are the ones your passed loved ones utilize most when communicating with me. They will utilize clairaudience every once in a great while, but my guides use it all the time. My own personal guides use clairaudience frequently to give me direction and advice. When I am sitting quietly outside or in meditation, my guides and passed loved ones will speak to me clairaudiently.

Some people’s clairaudient ability is prominent when they are born and strengthens throughout their life. For these people, clairaudience is their dominant psychic ability. However, even if you do not think this is an ability of yours, clairaudience can be developed and strengthened in anyone.

If you want to strengthen your clairaudience, try listening to the world around you with your eyes closed. Just sit with your eyes closed and really hear each individual sound. Separate each sound individually and really hone in on it instead of hearing all sounds at once. Also, ask questions to spirit. You may not receive the answer right away, or at all, however, you are signaling spirit you are ready to communicate.

Clairaudience can be strengthened by working with your throat chakra. Your throat chakra can be strengthened by chanting, meditating and by practicing yoga. Also, speaking your truth is important to the health of your throat chakra. Lies, whether we are living them or speaking them, have a detrimental impact on the throat chakra. Make sure you are being authentic with your words and life.

If you enjoy working with crystal grab some Blue Lace Agate, Blue Topaz Angelite or Celestite. These all help open and activate your throat chakra. Embrace your clairaudient ability!

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