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Chakras - What are they?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. Chakras are spinning points of energy located along our spine in our energy body. There are seven main chakras, each with their own purpose, starting at the base of our spine and ending at the crown of our head. Though some say there are as many as 114 different chakras at different points throughout our body, there are seven main ones running along our spine. All living things, including you, are composed of energy. It is imperative to our emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual health to keep our chakras open and balanced.

Each of the seven main chakras has a corresponding number, name, color, location and purpose. Ensuring your chakras are aligned and open is imperative for not emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual health, but also for receiving information from our past loved ones, guides and angels. It enables you to raise your vibration more easily and enables you to receive information through your claires which were discussed in previous blogs.

A quick over of each chakra with the location, color and basic function:

1st – Root Chakra: Base of spine; red; governs survival instincts

2nd – Sacral Chakra: Lower abdomen about 2 inches below your belly button; orange; governs sexuality, and emotions

3rd – Solor Plexus: Upper abdomen; yellow; governs power, will and impulse control

4th – Heart Chakra: Over the sternum in the center of your chest; green; governs compassion, love, spirituality

5th – Throat: Throat; blue, governs communication and creativity

6th – Third Eye: Between the eyes at about brow level; indigo; governs intuition and imagination

7th – Crown: Top of your head; violet/purple; governs knowledge, understanding, and spiritual connection

A chakra being blocked, underactive or overactive can throw you off without you even realizing. You can feel the imbalance physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Of course, if you are ill please consult a physician, but do not forget to look after your energetic well-being also. For example, if you have trouble expressing yourself or speaking your truth, you may have a block in your throat chakra. If you find yourself feeling unwarranted guilt, you may have a block in your sacral chakra.

Though each chakra has specific ways to encourage its health and balance, there are general activities which will help them all. Reiki is an excellent method of balancing and aligning your chakras. Reiki is an energetic healing performed by someone who is a Reiki practitioner. Reiki can be performed in person or via distance. As a Reiki practitioner, my sessions are just as effective via distance so do not think you have to find someone local. Find someone you are comfortable with.

A few more ways to encourage chakra balance are conscious breathing, Tai Chi, chakra meditation, acupressure, yoga and aromatherapy. If using aromatherapy, I would encourage you to use a therapeutic grade as the molecules are smaller than the oils made in a laboratory. For crystal lovers, each chakra has stones which can help unblock and open them. Some of the simplest ways to find the appropriate stone for a chakra you are focusing on is to find one of a matching color, before you head into your favorite crystal shop ask to be led to a crystal that will help you or ask the owner of your favorite shop for guidance. Stay tuned as we will be delving into each chakra in more detail!

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