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Clairsentience is associated with the solar plexus chakra which is located right above your belly button. Clairsentience simply means clear sensation. When someone says they have a “gut feeling” about something, they are using their clairsentience. When you meet someone and instantly know they are not a good person, it is clairsentience sending you that information.

If you have ever entered a room and your mood changed suddenly, the most likely reason is, without knowing it, you used your clairsentience and absorbed the energy in the room. When used properly, this is a great tool to relate to people and your environment. However, sometimes you do not want to feel what is going on around you or you do not want to absorb your co-worker’s bad mood. Discerning when an emotion is not yours, is imperative. By strengthening and trusting your clairsentience, you naturally learn to identify what is yours and what is not.

During readings, I use clairsentience quite a bit. I do not use clairsentience exclusively, but along with other claires, it gives me the ability to fully develop the personality of the spirit I am bringing through. When a spirit first steps up they will usually show me a symbol or picture, drop information into my head (these are also associated with claires) and give me a feeling so I know what type of personality that had.

If I feel light and jovial, I know that was the personality of the spirit. That same spirit can later make me feel anxious over something, if they are bringing up a subject and they want their loved one who is having the reading to know they were worried about something while on Earth. Spirit can also make me feel a pain in my chest and I know their death was related to that area of the body. If the person having the reading asks me a question to ask the Spirit, usually I first get a feeling and it is what the Spirit feels about the question.

Clairsentience can easily be strengthened by learning to trust your feelings. If you have a friend or relative who you are suddenly worried about, trust your intuition and reach out to them. If you get the feeling you should take a different route to work, take a different route. The more you practice trusting the information, the easier it will become to recognize and accept the information.

Another way to strengthen your clairsentience is to do work focused on your solar plexus chakra. One of the easiest ways is to eat yellow food such as bananas, yellow peppers and lemons. If you enjoy yoga, poses such as bow pose, woodchopper and pike pose all help activate and strengthen your solar plexus. Meditating and mentally spinning your solar plexus will also help.

Have fun with the process and ask yourself questions through out the day and see how accurate you are. If your phone rings or you receive a text, guess who it is before looking at your phone. When checking out at the grocery store, ask yourself which line will be faster. Have fun with the exercises and learn to trust yourself!

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