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Crown Chakra - Communication with the Universe

LOCATION: Crown of the head

PURPOSE: Awakening, enlightenment

ELEMENT: Thought, consciousness

IDENTITY: Universal identity

COLOR: Violet/white

The crown chakra is our seventh chakra and is located at the top of your head and helps regulate consciousness. This chakra regulates and governs communication with the universe. This is where you receive inspiration and create a union with your higher self and divine which allows for a deeper understanding of the universe. Activating and unblocking this chakra also allows for the beginning of a healthy spiritual life. A spiritual life where selfless realization takes place and an understanding of how everything is connected on a fundamental level.

This seventh chakra is associated with the transcendence of your personal limitations. It is at the top of the “chakra ladder”; this ladder begins with root chakra with grounds you to earth and ends with the crown chakra which connects us with the divine source of creation. No longer are you bound by what you physically hear and see. Here there are no limits. When this chakra is truly tapped into calm can be found no matter your current situation. Noisy traffic, squabbling children, or cranky co-workers can no longer affect your calm energy.

Some signs of a blocked crown chakra are depression, mental fog, headaches, greed, materialism and chronic fatigue. An overabundance of energy in your crown chakra can present as sensitivity to light and sound, boredom, frustration and a sense of elitism. As always, before just attributing any symptoms to a problem in your chakra system, please see your doctor first.

The best and most powerful way to balance and heal the crown chakra is through meditation. Meditation has a plethora of benefits which includes enhancing and opening your crown chakra to spirituality in a healthy and balanced manner. For a quick crown meditation, envision white light entering the top of your head and filling your body.

All the other chakras have specific food to aid in their healing and balancing. Though, the crown chakra does not have a specific food that nurtures it, eating a diet balanced with overall healthy foods and focusing on spiritual things will help.

Quartz and selenite are stones popular for working with the crown chakra. Though quartz is most commonly clear, it can come in any color; selenite typically comes in gray-white, brown-green and gray-green. Both of these stones help with meditation, communication with guides and absorbing negative energy. Amethyst and tanzanite are stones that are most commonly purple or violent. These two are powerhouses in expanding your consciousness and spiritual awareness. They help with psychic abilities. There are many more that work with your crown chakra so find one that speaks to you.

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