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Grounding is Important, Especially During the Holiday Season

Ensuring our first chakra, or root chakra, is engaged, clear and open is imperative during busy times. This is especially true during the holiday season when we are pulled in many different directions, spending time with family who can sometimes test our patience and trying to find money to accomplish all we want to accomplish. Most everyone reading this blog will know what the chakra system is, but for those who do not, read on. If you already know, skip to paragraph 3.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disc”. Chakras are spinning centers of energy occurring in the energy body as opposed to your physical body that you can see and touch. Though there are many chakras throughout the body, the most well-known ones are the seven located up the middle of your body. The first chakra (root chakra) is located at the bottom of your spine while the seventh is at the top of your head and is referred to as the crown chakra.

The root chakra, located at the bottom of your spine, governs the lower part of your body. If you are having problems with your legs, feet, large intestine, colon or bones in general see it as an invitation to open and balance your first chakra. Opening and balancing this chakra will give you a strong foundation to work on your other chakras, help you stay balanced, and will help your spiritual development if you are on that path. Just as a house needs a strong foundation and trees need strong roots to grow tall, you need a strong foundation to keep you centered and stable.

My favorite way, and one of the easiest ways, to ground is by connecting with nature. Talk a walk and enjoy the sights and sounds! Where I live, I am blessed to have some wonderful hiking areas, but even if you do not have access to hiking and nature trails, there are ways to ground. If you live in a warm climate, walking in the grass without shoes connects you to earth. Even sitting outside and breathing in fresh air is helpful. Anything that gets you in touch with earth and nature helps!

Anodea Judith, Ph. D has some wonderful affirmations in her book Chakras Made Easy. They are: I am safe; I have what I need to survive; I can take care of myself; I love my body; I am supported; I have a right to be here; I am solid; I am in here; this body is mine. The first charka’s tendency is to hold on, but remember, you must release to make room for new. These affirmations help release the old energy to make room for new, positive and loving energy.

Each chakra has a color associated with it and the color associated with the root chakra is red. To help engage this chakra immerse yourself in red. You can wear red, eat red foods and wear/hold red crystals. Do not overwhelm yourself and do it all at once. Make small changes that you can incorporate into your day. Stressing yourself more is not helpful; make it fun! Breakout that red scarf, those red pants or eat some strawberries.

My second favorite way to ground is to find a yoga routine focused on the root chakra. YouTube has several of different lengths and skill levels. When it is too cold to head outside, I find this a great way to get a workout in and ground.

Keep yourself centered and stable this holiday season by giving your root chakra some attention. You were made for this moment in time. Take a moment to love this moment, love the nature outside your door, love the air you breathe, and most importantly, love yourself!

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