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How do I know I am communicating with an angel?

Almost every time I do a medium/psychic reading, I receive information on the sitter from an angel who is with them. There are times when I begin a reading and the sitter’s relatives are already gathering so they grab my attention and I do not focus on the angel energy with the sitter. Also, I do not always tell the sitter about the angel message as not everyone believes in angels and I am not here to change anyone’s belief system. Not only do I receive information from angels specific to the people I am reading, there are times when I am in meditation and an angel will communicate general information.

How do I know it is an angel? The answer to this is multifaceted and my way doesn’t mean it’s the correct way for everyone. First, for me, it was practice, practice and more practice. The practice was to learn to trust myself, the angels were always there. In one of the first mediumship classes I took, one of the exercises was to identify an angel with the person we were practicing with. I took note of which angel I thought it was and what they were saying. To my surprise, the information was accurate. I continued this through many, many readings and the information has always been accurate.

After I began to acknowledge and trust the angel messages, the angels started confirming I had their identification correct. The most profound method was by having the sitter (person I was reading) confirm their identify. An example of this was I told a person I was reading they had Metatron around them; they showed me they were wearing a Metatron ring. Another time, I provided information to someone from Michael and they told me they had just been praying to Michael the day before asking for his guidance. For more examples, watch the video on my Facebook page or YouTube channel of Rainey interviewing me.

Angels have a different energetic feel than passed loved ones. Though Jesus and Mother Mary are not considered angels, they have the same energetic vibration to me as angels. It is an identifiable feeling and if you speak to anyone who has an encounter with an angel, they will confirm this.

Am I special to communicate with angels?Absolutely not.The only difference is I have practiced and learned to trust the information by the information/angels being confirmed hundreds of times.The biggest obstacle?Trust.Trust in what you are receiving. Trust yourself when you ask for an angel and don’t be afraid to ask for signs they are around you.Angels respect free will so ask for their help! Also, know angels only communicate in love.If the information you are receiving isn’t resonating in love, it is not an angel.

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