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How I Receive Information from Spirit

When anyone receives information from spirit, it is usually communicated through clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairgustance, clairscent, clairtangency, or clairempaythy. Though most people will have one of these that is stronger than the others, all the mediums I know use more than one.

My personal strongest claires are claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairsentience. Sidenote, if you want one of your claires to become stronger, work on it, but also work on your already strong claire and the others will follow suit. An example of this is on rare occasions, I will hear spirit actually speak (clairaudence), but it is only ever one word and usually my name. Some of my other claires or much stronger and they are how I communicate with spirit.

How my communication with spirit works is when I begin a reading, I look to the left and see spirit approaching. I can make out the general outline of how they look and then their personality comes to me. I not only have a knowing of if they were serious, funny, kind, unkind, etc., how they approach me says a lot about their personality. The personality is a large part of the identification process. At the same time, I will receive the energetic connection. If it feels like a grandmother connection, it does not mean it is your grandmother, but someone who fulfilled that role in your life. As spirits know, I will pass along no messages until the sitter has identified who has stepped up so this is just the first step.

The next step is spirit will give me the information they feel will help my client identify them, but if it does not happen right away, I tell the spirit to give me more. They may start with dropping a picture of a wheelchair in my mind. Well, my client knew several grandmotherly people in a wheelchair, but the wheelchair did narrow it down from four people to two people. Then the spirit will give more specific information such as showing me pearls because they wore pearls all the time or showing me a pie because they were known for their pie baking skills. These are just examples.

Once the client has identified exactly who has stepped forward, I then ask what message the spirit wants passed along. As many people as there are, is as many different messages I pass along. The key is I pass them along. Therefore, if you come for another reading in six months, there is a huge chance I will not remember what I said because it was not my thoughts, I was passing along information.

One of the things I love about spirit is they do not lie. They might not say what you always want to hear, but you understand it. If I ask spirit a question they do not want to answer or if it is information you are just not to know, they will stand there silently or turn their head from me.

Once I have brought through, identified and delivered the message from the first spirit, then I see who else is around. Usually, I ask the original spirit who is with them and whomever is with them steps up, but sometimes they will be completely unrelated. This is where the client has to be open minded because who they thought would step up first or even second does not always happen. Suppose you just really want your dad to step forward. He comes forward first. You are satisfied and the reading ends. However, your grandmother really wanted to step forward and be recognized. Your dad will likely wait and let your grandmother go first so she has her time with you.

A reading is just about having a conversation with a loved one who happens to be on the other side.

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