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Rose Quartz the Stone of Unconditional Love

Rose quartz, often called pink quartz because of its color, is the stone of unconditional love. This stone is the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra. Not only does it help in healing our heart chakra, it works at a deep level bringing self-love. To be able to love others in a healthy manner, we must start with loving ourselves.

This stone does not stop at promoting self-love, it also helps to attract romantic love and heal existing relationships. In existing relationships, the rose quartz is expert in repairing trust and harmony. By drawing off negative energy and replacing it with love, it moves you into a place of empathy, forgiveness and sometimes necessary change.

The emotional healing qualities of rose quartz help you to transmute heartache and emotional baggage that no longer serves your best interest. If you never learned to received love, rose quartz can open your heart to receive the unconditional love you desire. This is often done by promoting love of self so you present yourself as the loving being you are worthy to receive and give love.

If you are headed into meditation or even a particularly harried day, grab rose quartz. In meditation this stone can be a balm to emotions and cleanse the entire auric field. Stress and tension melt away and are replaced with hope and faith in the benevolence of the universe. Treat yourself to a few minutes sitting with this stone and feel yourself calm and your heart chakra activate.

If there is no time to meditate, but you are headed into a harried day of traffic, meetings and, well, people, wearing this stone can keep your interactions with others as harmonic as possible. Sitting rose quartz on your desk can fill your area with the gentle energy of love so often needed when dealing with tense situations. Have a difficult co-worker? In the spirit of love, give them a rose quartz. You never know what your office mate is going through.

Vibrationally, rose quartz can stabilize and support the physical heart also. Perfect for someone having heart issues, though not by any means a replacement for medical care, its gentle vibrations work to regulate heart rhythms and soothe emotional distress. Also, a wonderful stone for children as it works at protecting children’s hearts and transforming negativity to compassion.

In this month of dedicated to love, treat yourself and maybe a few others to rose quartz. Meditate with this beautiful stone and allow it to work deep in your heart chakra to promote self-love. You are a beautiful soul completely worthy of unconditional self-love!

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