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The scariest and most profound words I ever said to myself

The scariest and most profound words I ever said to myself were: I love myself more.

I love myself more than the title of our relationship. If our relationship title is parent, child, friend, employee, spouse, whatever it maybe, you may not demean me. Disagree? Absolutely, but not ignore boundaries, manipulate and demean me.

I love myself more than continuing a relationship that is unhealthy (continuation from above). I love myself enough to set boundaries and expect others to honor those boundaries. Not selfish and self-centered boundaries, but boundaries that say I am worthy of honesty and straightforward kind communication. Just because I choose to end a relationship, no matter how close, doesn’t mean I don’t forgive. You can forgive someone and enforce boundaries at the same time. I can honor you for the role you played in making me the person I am, honor the human you are on this planet and still distance myself.

I love myself more than you being threatened by me making choices to do better and be better. Why do people think it’s okay to make you feel bad about forgiving more, losing weight, going back to school, or making any choices for a better you? That speaks of insecurity of their part.

I love myself more than society’s expectations. There are certain roles society says certain people need to fulfill. Society says, check these boxes and you will be accepted. Accepted by who, I would ask. My children taught me this. They are each so brilliantly their own people and marching to the beat of their own drum and I love and respect them more for it.

I love myself more than my own expectations. No matter how many times I set goals and miss them or let myself down, I will still love myself. It’s the journey I’m in love with. Each and every miss has created an accomplished goal of its own.

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