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Third Eye Charka - Intuition


LOCATION: Forehead

PURPOSE: Seeing, intuition, wisdom


IDENTITY: Archetypal identity

COLOR: Indigo

The third eye chakra is located in the space between your eyebrows. This sixth chakra is the gateway to “seeing” in a psychic and spiritual sense. This chakra is where true intuition lies and can enable clairvoyance, telepathy, expanded imagination and visualization. It also opens the door to inner knowledge that will guide and direct you.

Ensuring this chakra is open and aligned can take your decision-making process to a whole new level. In addition to your logical mind that can analyze the known information, now you are taking your soul into account when evaluating a problem or question. You have heard of people having hunches or not knowing how they knew something. This chakra allows you to see information that is not in black and white. It is how you know a business is not a good path even when all the numbers look positive. That is the third eye chakra at work!

The intuition the third eye chakra brings is instrumental in you perceiving the subtle shifts in reality that cannot be perceived with your physical eyes. Learning to trust and act on these subtle shifts will accelerate your spiritual growth. Each time you act on your intuition and it is proven correct strengthens this ability.

The third eye chakra is also instrumental in your ability to self-reflect and integrate your creativity and logical thinking. This chakra is truly the link between your mind and the physical world. Enhancing your ability to internalize the outer world and reflect within promotes your ability to see the world with a more humanitarian attitude. You no longer just see the physical elements presented. Your vision is enhanced with the energies surrounding the what and why of a given situation. This does not mean you will agree with all situations, but your ability to look at a given situation with a deeper understanding is enhanced by this chakra.

All chakras including the third eye chakra can be underactive or overactive. Neither is optimal. You want this chakra, along with all your chakras, to be well-balanced with energy flowing freely. An underactive third eye chakra can affect your overall well-being. A block or underactive third eye chakra can manifest in an inability to concentrate, process information quickly and to remain calm and collected in high pressure situations. It can also cause you to be fearful of the unknown. When we trust our intuition and the flow of life, the unknown no longer holds fear and dread. A well balanced third eye chakra allows you to be connected to the universe on a level where all is free flowing and trust in the universe is comforting and empowering.

The demon of this chakra is illusion. This chakra is about seeing clearly and when you become fixated on an illusion it is impossible to see situations and/or people as they are. Illusion can take many different forms such as denial or fantasy. If you are not seeing a situation or a person as everyone else, then it is a good time to work on your third eye chakra. The fantasy can come in the form of fantasying about a love who has other interests or even believing your windfall is right around the corner causing you to engage in risky financial behavior. Good ways to deal with these situation are ask a trusted friend and to eliminate your expectations. When you do not expect a certain outcome, you can better see things clearly.

For foods to help this chakra, think purple. There are many purple options such as purple grapes, blueberries, purple cabbage, eggplant and purple kale. Cocoa will also help this chakra. Cocoa has flavonoids which boost serotonin. Serotonin can help relieve stress and inflammation. Find your favorite purple foods to help activate and work with your third eye chakra.

Amethyst and lapis lazuli are renowned not only for their beauty, but also for their abilities in regards to your third eye chakra. Amethyst can calm frustration and will do whatever it can to help open you up spiritually. This stone really helps to awaken and deepen your psychic abilities. Lapis lazuli works by helping to promote honest conversation. It also works to reveal inner truth and is an amplifier of the higher faculties of the mind. Because of its ability to promote authentic and honest conversation, this stone does dual chakra work also helping the throat chakra. Sodalite is a high vibrational stone that will help you step into your own power. These are just a few and, as always, the best way to find a stone is to set your intention before entering your favorite crystal shop and see where you are led.

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