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Throat Chakra - Speak your Truth





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The throat chakra is located in your neck at the base of your throat. This fifth chakra is between the chakra representing emotions and the chakra representing intellect. The throat chakra is the center of communication and when you have a well-developed one, you communicate well, not only verbally, but present yourself well overall. This chakra has a big job of acting as the link between emotions and reason.

Signs of a blocked throat chakra can manifest as an inability to communicate overall. This includes an inability to speak your truth, to find the correct words to express your feelings or that you’re holding onto secrets that need to be revealed. If you have worked on your throat chakra and experience blocks every now and then, know this is perfectly normal. Take a step back and evaluate what is causing the block. Every time you release a block, you will become more adept at recognizing the blocks and releasing them.

The absolute demon of the throat chakra is lies. Being able to speak your authentic truth and step into your own soul’s journey does not come easily. Fear of judgement and rejection can have you checking society’s boxes instead of standing in your own power and speaking your own truth. Truth also means speaking truth to others when asked questions. No matter what they are. I would never suggest hurting someone’s feelings, but speaking truth in the most delicate and diplomatic way possible. Yes, I have lost friends when I spoke the truth they asked for, but did not want to hear. However, I know I did the correct thing and can walk in confidence that I laid the foundation for them to later be able to recognize truth. Remember, this is truth they asked for; not truth given freely.

At this point in the journey through the chakras, it is extremely important to have worked on the lower chakras. Ensuring you have aligned the first and second chakras will help in overcoming fear which in turns helps you in speaking your truth. Opening and activating the third chakra will help you recognize your own personal power and step into your confidence. Confidence that will help you express yourself in a delicate and diplomatic manner. Confidence that is infused with love. Love that brings us to our fourth chakra. Activating and aligning your fourth chakra helps you understand how to verbalize your desires in love. Love that encompasses everyone involved including yourself. This is a love that is not selfish.

There are some easy and fun ways to work with and unblock your throat chakra. If you are someone who enjoys learning new skills, take a foreign language class, a class in rhetoric or join a debate club. If you are not into taking classes, journal, work on adding new words to your vocabulary or sing. Singing is a wonderful way to open the throat chakra and raise your vibration. You do not have to be good at singing, just sing for the fun of it.

When choosing foods to help with your throat chakra, choose fruits that grow on trees. Chakra experts say these fruits only fall from their tree when they are ready and this represents authenticity. One of the most potent foods for the throat chakra is blueberries. Blackberries are also helpful. Liquids are also help; just ensure you choose healthy liquids such as water, no sugar added fruit juice and herbal tea.

The throat chakra has some absolutely gorgeous stones in blue tones. Amazonite with its bluish-green hue promotes emotional balance and helps protect against negative emotions. To help you express your thoughts and emotions, choose turquoise. The light blue aquamarine helps clear the mind and helps you connect with hidden emotions. Lapis Lazuli (one of my favorites) encourages self-expression, creativity and mental clarity. Blue quartz, blue howlite, and sodalite round out the list of beautiful stones that can help your throat chakra.

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