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Topaz is an excellent stone to work with in November

Topaz is the November birthstone making it an excellent stone to work with in November. It comes in several colors including golden-yellow, brown, blue, clear, red-pink and green. Most of the colors are easy to come by excluding red-pink. If you find red-pink topaz you might want to consider adding it to your collection.

Topaz is a gentle stone. Though each color has its own strengths, overall, it is a stone that soothes, heals, stimulates and recharges. It brings about trust that the universe will bring what you need allowing you to just “be”. If you want to speed up your spiritual development, topaz can help.

Topaz is also known to bring joy, generosity, abundance and good health. This stone can support the attainment of goals, love and good fortune. With its ability in clearing auras, it promotes relaxation and the releasing of tension.

Clear topaz helps in becoming aware of karma and how your thoughts and actions affect it. This stone will help in aligning with Divine Will and clarifying your intentions. Clear topaz can be used to speed up

intention making it important to ensure you have high intentions set when working with this stone.

Golden topaz can help in manifesting desires, recharging you physically and spiritually, and strengthening optimism. This stone is also known to help in the area of recognition by giving you confidence in your abilities and charisma. This stone’s energy is more grounded and slower than clear topaz.

Blue topaz is used in jewelry world wide because of its beautiful blue color. This stone can be used to aid a person’s mental processing and verbal skills. Placing blue topaz on your throat chakra and third eye is especially helpful when working to improve and align these chakras.

Pink topaz is a magnificent stone of hope. It can aid in gently changing old patterns and dissolving resistance paving the path to radiant health. This stone is associated with the heart chakra helping to open and cleanse this chakra and letting more love in. As it opens and cleanses the heart chakra, it eases hurt from past love or loss.

Green topaz will help in bringing prosperity into your live in the form of money or love. It promotes recognition at work and protection from jealous co-workers

If you have topaz in your collection, November is a perfect month to reacquaint yourself with it!

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