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What are the responsibilities of angels?

There are different types of angels and they are organized into categories according to their purpose. The general consensus is there are ten categories of angels.

The first category is Angels; some call this category Guardian Angels. As the second name suggests, their primary function is protection. When you hear stories of people’s car being stopped just before going over a bring or being pushed out of the way of an on coming car by and angel, these are usually angels from the Angel phylum. According to Sylvia Browne’s Book of Angels, there are countless trillions of Angels far more than any other category.

Next, we have Archangels. This category is known for their endurance as messengers, though they have also been known to offer protection. These beautiful beings are the embodiment of God’s love. Archangels you probably hear the most about because we have named them. This phylum is the one that communicates with me the most.

Seraphim and Cherubim follow next. The ministry of the seraphim is to praise the name and character of God. When most people think of Cherubim, they envision the little fairy like angels playing a harp. However, Cherubim are real and powerful. Though the Seraphim and Cherubim are different categories, they both constantly glorify God according to Billy Graham’s book Angels. How do they do this? Through song and music. There have been reported cases of people hearing indescribably beautiful music when the source cannot be accounted for. This music is accompanied by a wondrous feeling of peace and calm.

Next up we have Powers. Their main function is healing. They wrap people in their protective wings and send healing energy.

Carrions are the sixth phylum. Their job is to carry away dark entities when they die. That is their one job; it is to stand back until a dark entity is ready to die. Though everyone I have read classifies the Carrions as the same, to me they have the most mystery behind them. Mainly, who decides what a dark entity is? How is that decided?

The seventh phylum is Virtues. Virtues help us with our life charts and if changes need to be made to that chart. They primarily help before we incarnate, but we can modify our life chart while in life. Virtues are also part of our welcoming committee when we cross to the Other Side.

Dominions are the next phylum. They are keeper of the Akashic record or what some people refer to as the Book of Life. Dominions are considered one of the busiest phyla. Dominions do not typically work on the earth plane, but perform their duties on the Other Side.

The Thrones and Principalities round out the phylum and are considered the most high. They are sent when we feel impending mental, physical, emotional or psychic harm. They are also known to be protectors of children and animals. Thrones are the fighters of the bunch while Principalities are in charge of nations. Thrones are also close to the throne of God.

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