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When You Meditate and Jophiel Pops In

Words from Archangel Jophiel

We are living through unprecedented times. Though it feels the earth is falling apart, the high frequency vibration of love is present. The veil between this side and the other realms is thinner than ever. All we have to do is focus on the love vibration pouring over us from the other side. We are constantly connected to our creator, God, or whatever name you have for the source of who you are. It is in this vibration of love we discover our true self. When we are feeling frustrated, lost and unloved we just need to sit in silence and tap into our soul self. We know when we are tapping into our soul self because our soul resonates in peace, calm and purpose.

If you are felling lost, go to where you feel God. For some it is the beach, for others it is nature in general. You do not have to physically travel there, but you can travel to these places in your mind. Sit in silence and envision your place of peace in your mind’s eye. If it is the beach, feel each grain of sand under your feet, picture the sun beating down on your head and the sound of the waves crashing against the beach.

If it is the forest you feel God’s presence, envision yourself sitting amongst the trees. Hear the sound of the wind rustling the leaves, the birds chirping and the feel of the grass under your feet. Imagine the sun beaming through the leaves and hitting your skin in sporadic spots. Feel mother earth absorbing your stress and worries. Of course, going to these places in person is best, but if that is not feasible a meditation visit will suffice.

Love is the vibration that will take you to your goal. Focus on all you have to love and appreciate and everything else will fall in place. We cannot control others and they may not be vibrating at your same level. All you can do in those situations is send back what you are receiving enveloped in love. Judgement never serves. All judgement does is alienate. The people in history who have positively impacted the Earth, resonated in love.

The energetic shift occurring right now is making some uncomfortable, while others are standing with their arms wide open accepting this gift. Though the shift may feel divisive, honor the shift for the gift it is bringing. If your neighbor, friend, loved one, etc., does not understand what is happening, do not judge. Some do not recognize goodness when it is offered. Instead, they will feel the uncomfortableness of change.

The words I leave you with is step into your soul’s authentic purpose.You can do that where you are, where you work and where you stand.Shine the light of God’s love on humanity and vibrate at such a level the darkness is illuminated.Your light of love, not a light of trying to expose what you feel is wrong with your neighbor.Your light of love which honors not only who you were put on this Earth to be, but also who others were meant to be.

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