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Why/how did I go into mediumship?

Have you ever felt a draw to do something that was so strong, you could not ignore it? That is how it all began. I have always loved to watch other mediums and thought what a blessing it would be to connect to loved ones in spirit. I didn't realized the voices, thoughts and images that have dropped into my head my entire life was just that - a connection to people in spirit. I started reading about how mediumship works and then I took my first class. That first class opened a door for me. It helped me to learn to control and hone the ability I already had. After the first class, I took another class, then another. At first, I must say, I was a little envious of people in the classes who talked about how they had been talking and seeing spirit since they were kids, but then I realized I developed my own way for a purpose. My ability was honed in a methodical and precise way which allows me to have control over it. I can ask spirit questions and receive answers. I can read for groups of people where 10+ spirits comes through not be feel drained at the end. I can put up walls when in public so groups of people do not overwhelm me. What I first considered a hindrance, was really a blessing. Now, I can not imagine my life without spirit. Connecting people to loved ones in spirit is a blessing for which I will be forever grateful. I am completely humbled when people and their loved ones in spirit trust me to be a conduit for their messages.

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