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Working with your Root Chakra

LOCATION: Base of spine

PURPOSE: Grounding


IDENTITY: Physical Identity


The root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is all about building a strong foundation. Some people underestimate the importance of working with this chakra due to the fact they are trying to reach higher vibrational levels, they do not want to be only accessing the thick Earth realm. I equate this to the analogy of a rubber band. If you pick a rubber up, it does not stretch. You can lift that rubber band as high in the sky as you want and it is the same size. However, if you hold one end of the rubber band and lift the other, the rubber stretches and grows longer.

Everything needs a firm foundation. People, houses, plants and trees all need firm foundations. I love trees. They bring me peace and comfort. I love walking up to huge trees and seeing the root system well before I get to the actual tree. That is how they grow so tall. Without strong roots they receive no nourishment or stability. To soar, you also need a strong root system that feeds you energetically and offers you stability.

When your root chakra is out of balance, like with all the other chakras, there can be emotional and physical manifestations of that imbalance. Emotionally, this imbalance can manifest as excessive negativity, eating disorder, greed and living in constant survival mode. It is important to keep the chakra balanced and not over or under identify with the root chakra. By being over identified with the root chakra, you can worry too much about your body and can over react to every ache and twinge your body has. Under identification with the root chakra can lead to generally not taking proper care of your body through rest and good nutrition.

There are many ways to ground. My personal favorite is by connecting with nature. I have always loved trees and greenery so hiking or just sitting in my yard can really ground and recenter me. Going barefoot outside is even better! Though my personal favorite is woodsy areas, any outdoor nature area works. I know many people feel grounded and alive at the beach. The feel of the sand under their feet really allows them to destress and connect to Mother Earth. Whether it is a hike in the woods, a walk on the beach, sitting at a local park, playing in the snow or walking a dessert dune the important aspect is to find an activity you enjoy and go enjoy. As you are enjoying these activities, practice being in the moment. It will enhance the grounding effect.

If you cannot get out in nature, but like to move, exercise of any kind will help ground you as it puts you in touch with your body. When you exercise, your focus naturally turns to the feel, movement and placement of your physical form moving your focus away from your upper chakra and stressors.

Exercise and being outside are not the only ways to ground. Working in your garden or taking pottery classes are also great ways of grounding. Working with dirt and soil will put you in touch with Mother Earth in a fundamental way. Repotting plants, weeding, and planting flowers around your house not only ground you, but give you the additional satisfaction of a nice-looking yard. Immersing our hands in clay has the same grounding effect as working with dirt. If you have been thinking about taking a pottery class, now is a good time.

There are foods that help with each chakra. The foods that help with the root chakra are foods which come from the ground. These include foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots. Some other choices for grounding are avocado, mango, papaya, grapes, olives, berries, coconuts, figs and melons. Additional vegetables include green beans and eggplant. Lean protein is also a good choice for grounding. Meats take longer to digest, therefore, keeping energy in the lower part of our body. As with all things, moderation is key to taking in the correct amount of grounding foods with them making you feel sluggish.

If you are someone who enjoys crystals, there are several that can help with grounding. The energy of red jasper can help bring your attention to nurturing and taking care of your body. Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone and excellent at restoring balance to your root chakra. Most people lean towards red stones when choosing one to help with their root chakra. However, there are a few dark stones that are very helpful such as black tourmaline, obsidian, and smoky quartz. These are all helpful in transforming negative thoughts and attitudes into a more positive outlook. Rounding out the list is poppy jasper which has a wonderful calming effect on the root chakra. Though I have made some suggestions, go to your local crystal and set an intention of being drawn the best crystal for YOU to work with your root chakra and see which one you are drawn to.

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