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A reading is a three-way process. Christy acts as a middleman or conduit for the spirit world. Therefore, the three-way process involves Christy, Spirit, and the client. One of the most important aspects is the validating information Christy gives so you feel comfortable knowing who is coming through from the spirit world. The information comes from the spirit world; she does not try to make validating information “fit”. Christy is just a messenger.  

The process begins with confirming who is coming through in Spirit. Is the spirit male, female, young, old, father, mother, grandparent, aunt, uncle, child, friend, etc. Christy strives for the most evidence possible to give you the comfort of your loved one from the other side. The most common words used to describe a reading with Christy is hope, peace, and healing.

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Christy has been a tremendous support helping me through a very complicated personal matter. She has provided so much clarity and validation of the things I’ve already known in my heart. She guides me to trust more in myself and points out she is only a “tool” in my toolbox to help get through rough times. I can be a bit stubborn and sometimes just simply need a  a black & white answer. Sometimes Christy makes me do the hard work and turns the questions on me to search within myself for the answer.  I am so very grateful for her gift of connection to spirit and pointing me towards the path of healing. Christy truly has a beautiful gift to share and it’s certain, anyone who meets her will feel this too. 


Marcy G.

Council Bluffs, Iowa


I highly recommend Christy, what an amazing soul! She gave me so much peace of mind knowing that my loved ones are with me always and knowing they are doing well.


When I met her, immediately I felt drawn to her. She has such loving happy energy. After the first 5 minutes of the reading, she already had me in happy tears when I connected to my dad. She didn’t know who I am or what my life story was, but it felt like we were long time friends. She  gave me details from my dad that no way she would’ve known on her own. She also brought up my grandmother’s  and I was able to connect with them. 


Her sessions are amazing and she has so much patience for people like me who had so many questions to ask my loved ones.

I highly recommend you booking a reading with her I promise you you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks Christy for your love and kindness. I can’t wait to book my next reading.


Pam M.

Santa Clarita, CA

My session with Christy was one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. Her connection to spirits and angels on the other side is undeniable. The love and compassion with which Christy delivers these messages are what made my experience so beautiful. The light of the divine shines through Christy, and I am so thankful for the connection I experienced through her.

Michelle C.



This was my first experience in attempting to connect with "the other side" and it was a wonderful surprise. At first I was a little skeptical but Christy has a very good way of making you feel comfortable and a very good way of getting you in touch with "the other side." There are also positive residual effects. The whole experience enables you to bring back memories of loved  ones.


Joe G.

San Francisco, CA

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