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Gallery readings are special gatherings filled with inspiration and the gentle touch of healing. Here, individuals come together to share in the profound power of messages from those who have departed. This afternoon of unity unfolds as a deeply spiritual and uplifting experience, offering solace, rejuvenation, and the transmission of heartfelt messages that leave an indelible mark.

​The loss of a beloved person is an indescribable challenge, leaving an emptiness where a physical connection once thrived. Frequently, it is accompanied by unresolved questions and a yearning for closure. As a psychic medium, my gift is to serve as a conduit for connecting with those who have transitioned and to bring solace to those who bear the weight of the loss. How is this possible? The spirit never ceases to exist. Our spirit, which predates our physical incarnation, persists beyond our bodily departure. Our spiritual presence, our soul, is everlasting. In passing, our loved ones have shed their earthly vessels, returning to their purest spiritual form, where the boundless love of divine flows through them unceasingly.

Though the physical presence of our loved ones is no longer tangible, a new kind of relationship can evolve. Within this fresh connection, we can discover invaluable support, inspiration, guidance, and profound wisdom. It is my utmost privilege to establish links with departed loved ones. They offer a unique perspective and share priceless insights, profoundly transforming our lives as we learn to sense their unwavering support and experience reassuring signs of their continued communication.

This time with Spirit will end with a 30 minute group healing so plan on the event ending at 3:00 pm if you would like to stay.


Online Free Event

Christy will offer complimentary readings, during which she shares insights into her intuitive process, completely demystifying psychic mediumship. Join us to witness this enlightening experience and discover whether delving into the language of the spirit resonates with you. This demonstration will give you a good indication of what you can expect from her upcoming class starting on February 7, 2024, where you can explore and cultivate your own spiritual understanding and begin to learn the laguage of spirit.

February 4, 2024    2 PM (CST)

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