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Christy Godwin School

of Spiritual Development

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Are you ready to
unlock your gifts?

If you are eager to nurture and refine your psychic and mediumship talents and forge a deeper, more profound connection with the benevolent spiritual beings who are eager to guide and support you on your life's journey, then the next exciting step awaits you!

Christy brings over 30 years of teaching experience, almost 20 at the collegiate level, to her classes 

Healing one heart at a time.


Available Classes


Embrace a heartfelt

In this advanced psychic mediumship class, students delve deeper into honing their psychic abilities and mediumship skills. You will learn advanced techniques for connecting with spiritual energies, including guides, angels, and deceased loved ones. This may involve refining your intuition, deepening your understanding of energy dynamics, and expanding your ability to receive and interpret messages from the spirit realm.


In this advanced psychic mediumship class various methods for delivering messages ethically and responsibly will be explored. This includes understanding the importance of maintaining boundaries, respecting the privacy of clients, and delivering messages with compassion and sensitivity. You will also learn techniques for managing your own energy and emotions during readings to ensure how to remain grounded and centered throughout the process.


There will be opportunities for students to practice their skills in a supportive environment. Through these hands-on experiences, students gain confidence in their abilities and deepen their connection to the spirit world, ultimately empowering them to serve as effective and compassionate mediums in their communities

CLASS DATES:  April 3, 10, 17, 2024 and

May 1, 8, 2024  6 PM-7:30 PM CST


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Awaken & Grow Your Gifts 
as a Psychic Medium

Learn to:

Use several claires at once to give a detailed message
Maintain a connection longer
Explore grounded methodology for mediumship
How to stay in control of the reading
Learn to set boundaries and maintain your own energy

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Know your clairs!

Discover your innate spiritual abilities and connect with your higher self with Christy Godwin Psychic Medium. Take our free test to find out which clairs you possess and begin your journey toward spiritual enlightenment.

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