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Christy Godwin

The process or awareness of being a medium grew organically out of me knowing there was more out there and wanting to feel more connected. I also knew I had beings who were here to help me and I wanted to communicate with them. My guides, angels and loved ones are so faithful!

My family is very supportive. Some of them were skeptical at first, but since they have seen the proof of my accuracy, they’ve become believers. 

This work is absolutely a mission. Whether the reading is given one on one or in a platform setting with multiple people, I have seen the difference in people when I have brought through evidential information to prove I am talking to their loved ones and then share the messages their loved ones have. The peace the connection gives them is palpable. I am truly blessed to be a part of such beautiful moments.  

Healing one heart at a time.



Christy's Online Content

Welcome to my exclusive online content featuring past videos of my psychic medium work.

I invite you to delve into my past readings and connect with the messages

that resonate with you.

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