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The Soul Plan 

I am so excited to offer this option for guidance and awareness with Soul Plan! It is an amazing and powerful system of soul guidance and energy healing. It is not only used for life purpose guidance for an individual but can be used to understand relationships between two people (romantic, family, friends etc). Your Soul Plan can also

be used to optimize and help in choosing a business name that sends out the right vibrations for success.

The SOUL PLAN takes its basic interpretations from the ancient scripts of the Sefer Yetzirah, It includes a gematria system of calculation that was probably passed on or channelled the the late Frank Alper along with 22 symbols that accompany the 22 letters and interpretations as described from in the Sefer Yetzirah. The system has been developed and modernized into the current counseling and coaching tool by Blue Marsden, who has added further interpretations. through experience and research of Hebrew and Kabbalah, through additional new channelled material including soul messages, affirmations, belief identification and a method of energetic healing.

SOUL PLAN is a powerful and accurate system which serves as a tool for life purpose guidance and healing.  It help to clear the core limiting beliefs, old patterns and issues and by understanding our present incarnation it helps awaken the full potential for a person.

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What to expect in a soul plan reading

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Types of Soul Plans


 SOUL PLAN is an ancient channelled system based on the  unique sound vibration of our birth name. It is this vibration that interacts with that of the universe to bring forth people, opportunities, and situations which enable you to fulfill the call from from your soul to achieve your soul purpose. It helps to answer the question "Why Am I Here".  By bringing awareness and understanding to: your challenges, your natural gifts, your life goals for your soul perspective. So that you can achieve highest potential in life - your soul destiny.  


Bring awareness, healing and understanding to current or past relationships whether romantic, family or friends. Highlighting the strengths and the potential difficulties of the relationship and compatibility.

A relationship reading looks at the other persons soul plan in relationship to your own. You can gain insight into your persons potential as well as their challenges and how this may be enhancing or challenging your own soul. 

Click HERE to watch a video on what to expect in a relationship reading.


Corporate Identity/Branding can make or break a company. From the perspective of the Soul Plan system, the name of the company must be able to relate to the collective unconscious of your target market whilst being aligned with the Soul Plan of the key initiators – Directors, Founders, Owners... providing advice on or can even channel company names, product and website names.


The name you use in the world has an effect on all aspects of your life. It is relevant to the different lessons or challenges we experience in the physical and spiritual phases of our lives. If you wish to positively influence your life through an optimum name you have that option.

With an individual reading and name optimization we can look at up to 7 possibilities and decide which works best.

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What to expect in a relationship reading

Christy's Online Content

Welcome to my exclusive online content featuring past videos of my psychic medium work.

I invite you to delve into my past readings and connect with the messages

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