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Mediumship Readings

A reading is a three-way process. I act as a middleman or conduit for the spirit world. Therefore, the three-way process involves Myself, Spirit, and the client. One of the most important aspects is the validating information, I give you so you feel comfortable knowing who is coming through from the spirit world. The information comes from the spirit world; I do not try to make validating information “fit”. I am just a messenger.  

The process begins with confirming who is coming through in Spirit. Is the spirit male, female, young, old, father, mother, grandparent, aunt, uncle, child, friend, etc. I strive for the most evidence possible to give you the comfort of your loved one from the other side. The most common words used to describe a reading with me is hope, peace, and healing.

Watch the video below to learn what to expect during a reading

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What to expect in a reading

Christy's Online Content

Welcome to my exclusive online content featuring past videos of my psychic medium work.

I invite you to delve into my past readings and connect with the messages

that resonate with you.

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