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Mentorship Program

This mentorship program is designed to play a pivotal role in fostering a profound understanding of the world and the intricate energies that coarse through it. This program can include an array of healing tools to aid each person along their personal journeys.  This program is designed to compassionately guide you along the path to the goals you set.


Some of the many areas of focus are:

·        Emancipating oneself from judgmental attitudes and negative self dialogue

·        Embracing a positive mindset

·        Cultivating a sense of empowerment

·        Unveiling one's authentic purpose

·        Identifying internal barriers hindering happiness

·        Exploring personal spirituality

·        Honing the ability to heeds one’s intuition

·        Healing emotional wounds from the past

·        Cultivating gratitude and joy

·        Navigating through life's challenging phases


Embark on a transformative journey toward a more intuitive existence! This mentorship program caters to those aspiring to train as psychics and mediums as well as individuals seeking a deeper, more purposeful approach to navigating life’s ebbs and flows with tranquility and elegance. The program is entirely tailored to you and your needs and aspirations, encompassing a spectrum of possibilities, from learning the usage of a pendulum and understanding your chakra system to releasing triggers and refining personal conduct and business settings. Together, we discuss your objectives and chart a course towards realizing them. Schedule your free discovery call today.

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What to expect in the mentorship program

Christy's Online Content

Welcome to my exclusive online content featuring past videos of my psychic medium work.

I invite you to delve into my past readings and connect with the messages

that resonate with you.

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