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Deep Quantum Healing


I am a renowned international psychic, medium, and healer who has touched the lives of many with her extraordinary gifts. My compassion and exceptional abilities as a Certified Spiritual Adviser sets me apart in my field.


Each session with me is an entirely personal and dedicated experience, centered entirely on you and your unique requirements. I customize my sessions to cater to your individual needs. Through the sessions, my primary goal is to offer you comfort and facilitate your healing journey, guiding you towards becoming the best version of yourself.


I am genuinely excited about the prospect of working with you, extending my caring and gifted support to help you navigate life's challenges and unlock your fullest potential.

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What to expect in a healing

Michael, NE

"I wanted to write an email about something unexpected but wonderful that happened to me with the help of Christy Godwin. 


I went into surgery to remove a benign tumor in my cheek. I was told by my surgeon I would have a small incision under my beard line and woke up to this:


As you can imagine I was in shock. A friend of mine told me about Christy and that she was an amazing healer.  She said she would reach out to her that day. 


This is the result after 4 days. I could not believe it. The plastic surgeon who did my surgery could not believe it and told me he never saw results like this and in this timeframe. I could not be happier."


Iris, CA

"I wholeheartedly recommend Christy' Godwin’s healing abilities – they're nothing short of miraculous. I've sought the help of many healers in the past, but Christy's talent and consistency truly set her apart. While some healers excel in specific areas, Christy's expertise shines across the board.


Christy has worked her healing magic on me for a variety of ailments, including blazing ocular migraine headaches, which no medication could alleviate – yet she managed to eliminate each headache within 2-5 minutes. I also struggled with the chronic pain of 8 herniated discs in my back with spasms running up and down my spine as I walked. Thanks to Christy's healing, I wake up pain-free, and the relief is nothing short

of remarkable.


Most recently, I endured the excruciating pain of a broken knee, a torn meniscus and tabula plateau. The agony was so severe that even potent medications like fentanyl, dilaudid and morphine couldn't offer relief following surgery. However, Christy's remote healing brought about amazing results. Each day she dedicated to my well-being, I awoke pain-free, a sensation that felt nothing

short of a miracle.


Christy possesses another remarkable gift. During a session in March, she performed an act of profound healing, removing all the pain and hurt from my heart and replacing it with an overwhelming sense of love. This transformation altered the very essence of my being and has had a lasting impact on my life.


Christy's compassionate healing has had an immeasurable and enduring effect on my life, for which I am eternally grateful.


Her extraordinary talents are nothing

short of a blessing."

M.Grimm, MI

"Christy has a God given talent for healing! She graced me during a variety of healing processes over the past several years.

The most pronounced healing came after abdominal surgery with a major complication. Every option had been explored to begin the recovery of a large wound and easing my  horrific pain over a period of 6 months.

Christy worked on me and immediately felt relief. The pain from the nerve damage of the wound and the sheer panic and anxiety from the mental exhaustion was lifted. The healing process continued on for several days and at last, the physical wound began to close. After 6 months of no improvement of my wound or relief of pain, I was blessed by the  healing performed by Christy.


I am forever grateful"

Christy's Online Content

Welcome to my exclusive online content featuring past videos of my psychic medium work.

I invite you to delve into my past readings and connect with the messages

that resonate with you.

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