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The Divine Collective

Welcome to the Divine Collective, a community of like-minded individuals seeking greater understanding and purpose. We believe that by coming together, we can support each other on our spiritual journeys and create a positive impact in the world. Join us in this journey towards enlightenment and fulfillment.

Each month Christy offers :

Introducing Christy's new monthly membership.

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Keep an eye out and it will be launched around July 1, 2024

The Divine Collective


 • 2 Live monthly meet-ups

Join one of the dynamic monthly sessions for immersive teachings on spiritual concepts ranging from chakras and angels to the language of spirit and intuitive listening, interwoven with insights into health topics like managing grief and overcoming emotional eating.

In the second monthly session you will be able to experience the captivating energy of Christy as she leads a group reading, channeling psychic and mediumship insights that promise to intrigue and inspire


Quarterly live meet-ups for budding psychic mediums who want to practice their skills. 

This is not a class, but for those who want to practice their skills.  


2-3 journal prompts a week (Journaling helps us pause for a moment, process and make small changes. Even the smallest adjustments have the power to reshape the course of your entire existence)


Spiritual guidance blog with exclusive content


Community membership - connect with other spiritual seekers in a safe and supportive environment


1-2 Recorded meditations each month to coincide with the teaching

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